Monday, November 06, 2006

some dreams do

I brushed up against a dream today but nothing happened.

No, that's not true. About three weeks ago, the manager at the Inn asked me to make a proposal to run the Bakery, which could be a really cool breakfast and lunch coffee house kind of place. I can see it. I worked hard on the proposal to give to the owner when he came back to town last Friday. Today he told me he's going to close the Bakery all together. We had no further discussion.

Though I'm familiar enough with him to know that may not be the last word, I drove home tonight with "No" in my pocket. I turn to songs I love in times like these. One of my favorites, which I referenced before in a different context, keeps the light flickering for me: Steve Earle's "Some Dreams." (You can listen to it here without too much complication.)

When I was a little guy
My daddy told me "Mister,
Don't ever try to climb too high
'Cause it's the fall that gets ya
And some dreams can never come true
They'll never come true"

Well, I heard every word he said
But I don't guess I listened
But every time I banged my head
Against the wall insistin'
That some dreams don't ever come true
Don't ever come true
But some dreams do
If you just hang on
And your heart is true
And your hope is strong

Well, just because you've been around
And had your poor heart broken
That's no excuse for lyin' down
Before the last word's spoken
'Cause some dreams don't ever come true
Don't ever come true
Aw, but some dreams do

When you're feelin' low
And you think you're through
That's when you will know

Yeah, when you wish upon a star
Buddy, don't you miss it
Catch it 'fore it falls too far
Keep it with your secrets
'Cause some dreams don't ever come true
Don't ever come true
Don't ever come true
But some dreams do

I think I'll let him sing me to sleep.



zorra said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed. If the Bakery situation doesn't happen, something better will.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Definitely their loss. It's gonna happen, I know it.

Molly said...

Milton, I'm so sorry! I will continue to pray and maybe there will be another word. Peace and love.

Jeff said...

That sort of "no" just leaves you tired out and drained. I can relate.

Comfort music works for me, too. First one that comes to mind right now is Lyle Lovett "Icewater Blues (Flyswatter)".

Rafter said...

major bummer! Hopefully it will work itself out. If not, you can always start your own!

SpookyRach said...

I like the imagery of a No in your pocket. Hopefully you'll get to empty your pockets soon and stuff them full of Yes.

Pork Butt said...

You are a "Quark" and have changed from the dream itself.