Tuesday, June 26, 2007

asylum hill

once upon a time
or even below one
there was an asylum
somewhere here
on asylum hill
there had to be
everything is named
after it: asylum this
asylum that

all the doors
and windows up
and down the street
have bars to keep
people out, not in
like the old days
when you knew who
was crazy up here
on asylum hill

our high school
inmates are running
every chance they get
on a mission
crazy with excitement
and teenage faith
that’s crazy enough
to believe they can
change the world

or at least change
the way life feels
for those living on
asylum hill
so they are digging
in the dirt, planting
friendship and flowers
hoping love takes root
and blossoms

I was crazy once --
it all comes back
when they come into
the church kitchen
to fill their plates
and my ears with stories
of faith run amok
and I feel at home
on asylum hill



redbarn said...

I believe these are the types of experiences that teach thinking creatively as you plant seeds of friendship and hope. Thanks for your part in offering this experience in living and creating faith! Blessings on your mission!

Clare said...

I like this a lot. How cool that the kids are "planting friendship and flowers/ hoping love takes root and blossoms." This poem is so full of heart and love -- really, really nice.

gautami tripathy said...

So much love, faith can work wonder any where. Good work!

ac said...

I feel at home at asylum hill sometimes. I sometimes call Los Angeles asylum hill. My stepdad jokingly told me that one of the main reasons I feel so at home here is because it's full of crazy people and I'm crazy too. It's a strange thing to feel at home in the midst of strangness.

Gloria McAdam said...

Milton --

I'm a member at Asylum Hill Congregational Church and also the CEO of Foodshare, Hartford's regional food bank. When Erica read this poem in church on Sunday, it moved me to tears. I remembered leading youth groups on mission trips in the past and also wondered if I'm still crazy enough to think I can change the world.

I'd like permission to quote your poem in my blog which can be found at http://foodsharect.livejournal.com/

don't eat alone said...


You most certainly may have permission. Thank you. All I ask is that you link it back to my blog.


Gloria McAdam said...

Milton --

Thank you. It's on my blog, too, now! http://foodsharect.livejournal.com/