Thursday, August 30, 2007

open window

This poem is a response to two prompts: one from Christine with this accompanying image and the other being the final prompt at Poetry Thursday, which was “open window.” They reminded me of jazz artist Chet Baker, whose story I first learned of through David Wilcox’s song, “Chet Baker’s Unsung Swan Song.”

open window

The smell of the sea wafts in
through our open windows,
curtains billowing like full
sails of a tall ship riding
waves of adventure.

From upstairs, I can see
the small whitecaps landing
on the sand with gentle
introductions; it’s hard not
to feel free on such a day.

They found Chet underneath
his upstairs window early
one Amsterdam morning.
Despite all the melodies,
he thought he needed

a needle to be free.
When I hear his horn
I wonder why he couldn’t
find wings in the music
that carries my heart

out beyond my burdens.
Perhaps it felt different
on the other side of the horn.
Some places breezes can’t blow
no matter how open the window.



Abbey of the Arts said...

Milton, I love this poem, especially the line: "it's hard not to feel free on such a day" and your closing. Thanks so much for this beautiful contribution.

Constance said...

Your line breaks help emphasize the tone of the poem, I can't picture it without the enjambment. Deftly handled subject with lots of thought provoking lines. Very nice!

tumblewords said...

I've come to expect wonderful poems here - and, again, I am not disappointed.

Hedwyg said...

Mmmmm... that ending is a sweet and potent one. Great poem, Milton!