Friday, December 14, 2007

advent journal: house hunting

I’ve spent another afternoon
crossing thresholds
opening doors
picturing my furniture
in unfamiliar rooms

homes don’t change hands
without groaning
even breaking
I could hear the hurt
when I stood still

some houses hide their scars
under fresh paint
refinished floors
others are open wounds
crying for attention

I hope they understand
I’m a hunter
who is hungry
to find the right house
and come home



anj said...

Milton - I have been reading of your move and job switch with compassion. Uprooting, even when Ginger is your home, is so difficult. I pray that you will both be led to the house that has been waiting for you, the house whose embrace you feel as you walk through.


Real Live Preacher said...

Yes, a new home. Do the two of you spend much time thinking about what neighborhood you want to claim, or is it more looking for the right kind of house?

don't eat alone said...

We spend most of the time thinking about neighborhoods -- and Durham has some great ones.