Monday, April 21, 2008

putting the DD in durham

Today is a significant day in the Brasher-Cunningham household, since it's the day we invented the Brasher- Cunningham household eighteen years ago (more about that later).

The importance of the day is enhanced because Dunkin' Donuts opened its doors this morning at 5 a.m. -- and we were the very first customers. I've got the cup to prove it.

Perhaps we should now say we live in DDurham.



Presbyterian Gal said...

Congratulations! On eighteen years and being first at DD!

gander said...

Nothing says "home" as well as a Dunkin Donuts. I remember well a stop at a DD in Montreal years ago. The coffee was so hot, and served in a styrofoam cup, that it remained hot nearly all the way home.

I hope they didn't skimp on the donut glaze... :)

John Brashier said...

Love you both, just like the DD

Real Live Preacher said...

Yeah, yore bona fide Yankees all right. What is it with you yanks and the double D? I always thought the Double D was a ranch outside Kerville.