Monday, June 16, 2008

love's gonna carry me home

The past few days have been marked by the words and actions of people around me who have offered love and encouragement in a number of tangible and meaningful ways. I'm still not past needing a melody to get through a post, but tonight I offer one out of gratitude: Pierce Pettis' "Love's Gonna Carry Me Home."

these days I’m noticing things
the snow and the rain
the wind in the trees
when it gets moving
they seem to say
that I’m not alone
and someday
love’s gonna carry me home

these days I’m learning to smile
the hand of the child
has pulled me into fields of laughter
they make sure that I know
that someday
love’s gonna carry me home

amazing grace big surprise
hits you right between the eyes
hits you hard like a small flat stone
slays the giant and leads you home

these days my life is a song
it’s not very long and so I’ll sing it that much louder
don’t take it hard when I go
it’s ok – love’s gonna carry me home
it’s ok – love’s gonna carry me home


P. S. -- Cooking helps, too. There's another new recipe here.


Songbird said...

Thanks for this one. I needed it, too.

Tess said...

Beautiful. And yes love will carry you home.