Monday, September 22, 2008

poem for fall

Thanks, Christine, for the poetry party.


these are my favorite days
when the summer heat begins
to fade into fall’s crisp palette
of expectancy and comfort

I want to match the colors
with aromas savory and sweet
layers of flavor and hope that
sustain as the nights grow long

and winter hangs on the horizon
barren branches and grey mornings
the chill that goes bone-deep
as the world falls asleep

on my best days I see the trees
each one a burning bush
leaves letting go with flare (and flair!)
letting go and falling to earth

I turn the lights on earlier
and stir the same reds and oranges
in the pan relishing the sound of the
sizzle of squash and peppers

these are my favorite days
when the cold and dark call
to remember however I fall
love will catch me



Towanda said...

Very nice.

Abbey of the Arts said...

You are most welcome Milton. Thanks so much for your beautiful offering. I especially love the image of each tree a burning bush.

Blessings! Christine

steph said...