Thursday, December 04, 2008

advent journal: snap shot

Look at the photograph
and you will see a little
boy standing in the front
yard; he is small and
did not dress himself in
the baggy shorts, the tiny
striped t-shirt or the small
sailor hat, but he's dressed
and he looks a bit puzzled.
The colors of the stripes
are long ago forgotten;
the image is black and
white. Who knows why
he is standing there, or
why the picture was taken.
Freeze any frame of life
and so much is left un-
explained. Then again,
you could have a snap
shot of every second
between then and now
and still not understand
how I got from there to here.



mholman said...

I think we may listen to some of the same music and appreciate the oldies but goodies, but I know we don't "read" the same ----

Jimmy Buffett penned "looking back on my backgroung trying to figure out how I ever got here, some things are still a mystery to me while others are much to clear"

I think we both understand!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I love the feeling of wonderment in this - and all the unwritten questions.