Monday, March 30, 2009

lenten journal: what rhymes with tired?

I would like to say
at the end of the day
that I still had some play
but that would be (somewhat) lying

I would like to reveal
all the things that I feel
you know – keeping it real
but that would be (mostly) sighing

So I’m going to bed
with much left unsaid
and though that rhymes with dead
I intend to be quite death-defying

For a good night of sleep
and all that will reap
will for sure help me keep
my promise to keep lentifying



Rev Scott said...

Sounds to me like you've got plenty of play left - when I'm as tired as you must have been I can't even speak correctly, much less rhyme. This was awesome, Milton.

Mitchell said...

hey milt,

finally got around to reading yer blog, all i've read is this nice little late night poem. looking forward to reading more. if you want to check out my blog, which i should start updating more often really soon, it's at

By the way, sad news on my part: i did not get into nc state's grad school. not sure if you even know i was applying. but i should have been a lock, & they "denied my application for admission." just so you know, in case you see me & i seem a bit down.


Towanda said...

this would be a great little ditty in a sondheim musical...

Swizz said...

That's hilarious! You have rhyming talent...and about LENT to boot!