Monday, June 01, 2009

at my window

Steve Earle has a new record of Townes Van Zandt covers, one of the more complicated artists and people on the current scene paying tribute to his even more complicated mentor. Between what I have been reading and listening to this evening there is much to unpack, and I’m running out of night in which to do it. So I will leave you with a song and come back to say more later.

At My Window
(Townes Van Zandt)

At my window
Watching the sun go
Hoping the stars know
It's time to shine
Daydreams aloft on dark wings
Soft as the sun streams
At days decline

Living is laughing
Dying says nothing at all
Baby and I are laying here
Watching the evening fall

Time flows
Through brave beginnings
And she leaves her endings
Beneath our feet
Walk lightly upon their faces
Leave gentle traces
Upon their sleep

Living is dancing
Dying does nothing at all
Baby and I are laying here
Wathing the evening fall

Three dimes
Hard luck and good times
Fast lines and low rhymes
Ain't much to say
Feel fine
Feel low and lazy
Feel grey and hazy
Feel far away

Living is sighing
Dying ain't flying so high
Baby and I are lying here
Watching the day go by



Beth said...

Thanks to you, I'm spending the morning soaking in old TVZ tunes.

youtube is a gift, isn't it?

Claudia said...

Feeling grey and hazy too......