Thursday, July 23, 2009

it's just the way my mind works

Driving through Birmingham, I passed a Jewish Community Center whose billboard encouraged its members to take a “J-cation” by using their facilities. We are all now familiar with the concept of the stay-cation, now so over-used by our media. Here, in the closing moments of my week away from work, I began to wonder what other possibilities there might be:

a weekend by the water would be a bay-cation;
an equestrian adventure could be a bray-cation;
another way to think of a cruise would be a buffet-cation;
potters might take a clay-cation;
those who live with depression hope for a dismay-cation;
rappers might take a Dr. Dre-cation;
activists could step away for a fray-cation;
and farmers take a hay-cation;
another way to think of a week in Hawaii would be a lei-cation;
a gathering of poets could be called a millay-cation;
dogs must dream of an obey-cation;
a weekend at the spa could be called an olay-cation;
a minister’s get-a-way would be a pray-cation;
and the chef’s, a sauté-cation;
a slow down for a serial killer would be a slay-cation;
Santa takes the summers off for a sleigh-cation;
an adopted pet finally gets a stray-cation;
an old school Vegas trip would be a Mel Torme-cation;
a break from a diet could be a weigh-cation;
vegans, it seems, would look forward to a whey-cation;
and I, now that I’ve finished this piece, will take a word play-cation.



A Simple Country Girl said...

is laboring for a boss a pay-cation?

Claire said...

Darlene you said it perefctly. Loving this piece Milton!

Africakid said...

Thanks for making me laugh!