Sunday, March 28, 2010

lenten journal: palm sunday

We started on the courtyard
all waving our palm fronds
and naming them since we never
say frond except on Palm Sunday.

Before the hour was over
we moved from parade to
Passion, from courtyard
to Cross, in a couple of verses.

Tonight I watched basketball
and saw how quickly things
change, how triumph crosses
that thin line into loss.

For years, I’ve thought we
missed the point waving our
fronds in celebration, but
I think I am mistaken:

those who celebrated were
those who saw him crucified;
they were also, thank God,
those who came to the Tomb.



Tom Atkins said...

From parade to Passion... so true, all in a moment.

Claud said...

Those who celebrate. Those who come to the tomb. Those who hold you up. Those who don't go away. True friends.