Monday, September 06, 2010

sunday sonnet #3

I had a church-less weekend since Sunday was my turn
to stay at home with Reuben, who is ailing;
I planted in the garden and gave the beds a turn
While he sat and snored and set the “z”s a-sailing.

I was not there to stand in line to taste the Bread and Cup,
the food that’s fed the faithful across time;
but today I shared a meal with friends we'd gathered up,
and found our supper sacred and sublime.

“Remember me as often as you do this,” we repeat
in our ritual of worship and redemption;
but the Body is re-membered most every time we eat
when we share the meal with focus and intention.

After sharing food with friends, there is this that must be said:
‘tis no surprise they recognized him in the breaking of the bread.



Maria said...

Amen, brother. Your sonnet brings to mind one of my favorite quotes (now I'm forgetting the author) about the Supper: We've taken a substantial meal with symbolic meaning and turned it into a symbolic meal with substantial meaning.

And a more recent one, from Ellen Davis in Scripture, Culture and Agriculture (a book you probably would enjoy), writing about the provision of manna in the wilderness: "Eating is a primary occasion for knowing the work of YHWH."

Simon said...

Beautifully said Milton ... as always. Perhaps one day we'll share a table together.