Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this afternoon

the corn is growing
(all eight plants)
as are the squash sweet
potatoes cinnamon basil
bee balm figs and echinacea
tomatoes gooseberries
peppers and eggplant
(aubergine is a better name)
along with muscadines
peaches and asian pears
I’m circling the garden
along with schnauzers
butterflies and bees
aware that walking
around in my garden
is like walking around
the inside of my heart



Glynn said...

Having made similar rounds, I have to smile. Good one, sir.

Joy said...

Ah, the things you have growing - in your garden and your heart. Beautiful.

zorra said...

That makes me happy.

I still have four little green tomatoes clinging to one spent, lanky plant in the southeast Texas heat. Their older siblings were delightful.

So were the yellow squash, until the borers found them, alas.

Have a great summer, Milton.