Sunday, January 22, 2012

first followers

I do wonder what was
left out of the story.
Jesus would walk up and
say, “Come follow me”
and people just walked
off from fishing boats
and families to catch
people, be puzzled by
parables, and remain
gainfully unemployed.

Part of me is curious
about what was not
worth remembering.
Most of me marvels
at their unflinching
faith, which feels far
from familiar, for
I have promises to keep.
Go ahead, Jesus –
I’ll catch up later.


1 comment:

JohnBoy said...

I like the explanation that the rest was left out intentionally, at least by Mark, to make a theological point.
So it was not that they must have known of Jesus and admired him anyway, but that we are told that discipleship happens when Jesus calls.
And this is in contrast to contemporary discipleship where a person asks a rabbi if they can be a disciple, and the rabbi assesses them to see if they 'make the grade.'