Wednesday, November 14, 2007

buenos noches from an empty room

There will be more words from the road tomorrow; there is much to tell. For tonight, a final picture of me in our home.

Milty doesn't live here anymore.



Greg Garrett said...


Traveling mercies.

When you get to God's country--North Carolina--greet it for me.

Looking forward to reading your adventures from your new home.


faithrunner said...

sharing your've always been in boston. hard to imagine you anywhere else, but we all go 'there' sometime. hoping in the loss with you.

i'm pumped for Ginger and can't wait to see her leadership exercised among the people she will lead in NC


gander said...

We miss you.

twindogs said...

Sad house
Sad Marshfield
Happy Alabama
Happy North Carolina
Happy you?

Real Live Preacher said...

We're following your journey every step along the way.

advocate said...


Your recounting of this journey make me feel as if I am right there with you and Ginger. It takes a special person to be willing to go wherever needed, and a special kind of spouse to follow along. Bless you for your dedication and your service. I'm hope this is a wonderful experience even though it can't possibly be other than bittersweet.

I have family in Raleigh. Next time I'm there, I hope to come to hear Ginger and if I'm lucky, meet you two for lunch.

Take good care,

Cindy (advocate)