Wednesday, November 07, 2007


hardly four days have passed since
we stopped trying to save daylight
and let it sink all too quickly into
autumn’s mid-afternoon sunsets

dawn breaks; how can daylight
be anything but a lost cause?
then again, darkness falls and
suffers the night in silence

I am awake wresting an idea
who refuses to become a poem
it was yesterday when I started
the longer night hasn’t helped

when I am waked by the first chards
of daylight against my window
I will see these words and it will
dawn on me what I wanted to say



Rich said...

Thanks for the words that ring so true for those of us who write.

Real Live Preacher said...

Very nice. Feels like writing.

keith hillman said...

A true writers poem. Excellent post

Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

oh, I think this is my favorite yet.