Thursday, February 14, 2008

lenten journal: an open window

from the beginning, I suppose
the point of Lent was to do
something, or do without,
for forty days – but when they
started counting, they skipped
the Sundays (“Little Easters”)
so folks could catch their
collective breaths, or find
forgiveness, or just rest.

I knew one person who
called Sundays and Saint
days “windows in Lent,”
as though we needed fresh
air and light to seep into
these deep days of devotion.

whether Saint Valentine is
a window or a greeting card
is of no consequence to me.
With restaurant tables as our
bookends to the day, we began
over coffee and pancakes and
finished with late night snacks.
Because I’m in love I won’t write
a thousand words tonight

on purpose. I wanted to
keep my promise to practice
and I wasn’t going to miss
the breeze the blew in
the open lenten window
tonight when she smiled at me.



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Anonymous said...

so very beautiful.

Towanda said...

Oh, lovely...

Songbird said...

Good choice!