Friday, November 21, 2008

mix and stir friday five

I've been a part of a blogging group called RevGalBlogPals for a couple of years now. Every Friday they do a thing called The Friday Five, where someone poses five questions for everyone to answer. I read them, but I've never joined in before. This week the questions were about kitchen stuff, so I couldn't help myself.

1) Do you have a food processor? Can you recommend it? Which is to say, do you actually use it?

I'm still using the Cuisinart food processor we got as a wedding gift. After almost nineteen years it's still going strong. I use the blade mostly; the julienne and shredding blades less often. This time of year, I use it to mix my pie crust dough.

2) And if so, do you use the fancy things on it? (Mine came with a mini-blender (used a lot and long ago broken) and these scary disks you used to julienne things (used once).)

I started answering this in the last question. I'm mostly a blade guy. Though the julienne blade is great for shredding cheese and the slicing blade gets apples nice and thin for pie.

3) Do you use a standing mixer? Or one of the hand-held varieties?

I have one of these KitchenAid beauties (in white) that's almost as old as my Cuisinart. I love it. I even bought the pasta attachment, which is awesome.

The other mixer I have is a Braun hand mixer that is the coolest thing ever. It is hand held and can be put right into the pot for pureeing. Also has a whisk and a chopper attachment.

4) How about a blender? Do you have one? Use it much?

I have a blender as well. It is newer than the other appliances because I learned the hard way to find one with metal gears (and a glass bowl. of course). Primary use: frozen drinks for Ginger.

5) Finally, what old-fashioned, non-electric kitchen tool do you enjoy using the most?

I just got this, but I can already tell it is going to be my favorite thing this Thanksgiving. It is a layered cooling rack and it only costs twenty bucks.

Bonus: Is there a kitchen appliance or utensil you ONLY use at Thanksgiving or some other holiday? If so, what is it?

My electric knife to carve the turkey. Yes, also a wedding present.



Julie said...

The layered cooling rack = AWESOME! I must have one of those! :)

Jennifer said...

Now I'm struggling with gadget envy.
Glad you played, though!

Joy said...

Great questions.

And reading your post made me realize how appliance challenged I am. I've never had a standing mixer. The handheld we got for our wedding 22 years ago developed a frayed cord this spring. Still couldn't make the jump to a "real" mixer. And I think I need real knives too...hmmmm, I feel a Christmas list developing. (But then I'd need to learn to use them.)

Songbird said...

Milton, I'm so glad you played! I love that cooling rack, what a clever device!!