Saturday, January 17, 2009


it was a short note
an old friend wrote
all he said was
he was “vinlying”
John Denver records
that’s all, yet
the mere mention
of the melodies
sent me “memorying”
across layers of time
to long ago nights
when we played
and sang and talked
of poems, prayers
and promises
and things that
we believed in
I still know the chords
and the words
and the feelings
they have aged
right along with me,
as have the friends,
and I’m grateful
for them all


(Thanks, Davy)


Joy said...

I'm sooooo nostalgic these days myself. I wonder what's in the air? Perhaps when we're on the brink of dramatic change, emotional touchstones keep us grounded in faith. Seeing where we've come and how well we've been kept safe is reassuring-personally & intimately--in ways that no one else's reassurances can supply. I think we share that in common with our Old Testament era ancestors.

skt said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I love that song. I need to find my old vinyl.

Anonymous said...

I'm a TX boy turned Presbyterian minister who resonates with lots of your stories. The John Denver reference takes me back to climbing on a friends roof at night in the summers and listening to John Denver as we watched the stars and reflected on God and the world. Thanks for the reminder.