Thursday, May 07, 2009

daily office

My morning, so far, has been made up
of coffee shop chatter and a pretty good
ham and cheese croissant served with an
complimentary portion of overhead disco
(thank God for headphones and Patty Griffin)

My afternoon will call me to the kitchen
to assemble a fajita bar for fifty folks whom
I will not see; I will cook and then clean up,
much the same way, I suppose, as the
one who made my sandwich this morning

We take turns taking and offering, being
the one who needs and the one who
provides, most of the time (I think) not
taking too much time to regard the
transition, which is best greased by gratitude

Let me do my part. I’m thankful, today,
for ham and cheese, for a place to sit,
for good coffee and good writers, for
time, for city living, for Patty Griffin,
and for the one who invented headphones.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Thank you for a window into your day and a prayer to begin it!