Saturday, September 12, 2009

I don't know what to say

to a member of Congress
who yells, “You lie” at our
President, like a drunk fan
yelling at a referee, or

a pastor who spews hate
from his pulpit, wishing
our President would die
a natural death because,

“We don’t need another
holiday.” The comments
are connected across
our continent by one

thing, one thread, one
ugly truth that is hard
to call out by name:
they are racist words --

all of them. I know
such claims don’t make
for beautiful poetry,
but I don’t know what
else to say.



Joy said...

It's racism's new face. It's what been happening to oppressed groups for years. Women know sexism when our idea becomes possible when it comes from the mouth of a male (but, of course, worded just ever so differently). Stunned or in denial, many females don't - can't - see what it really is. Such it is with this. It doesn't look like what we think of as racism because the words are ever so different - (I don't hate his race - I hate him, his policies.) Sure ...

Bottom line: Whenever hate rears its head, something is drastically wrong. Whenever apathy or denial exist despite protestations (even quiet private wonderings - a pondering of someone's heart), something is drastically wrong.

Makes me sad.

Songbird said...

It's wrenching.

anj said...

Milton - Thank you for naming it. I, too, hesitated to name it. But I think it is important, even if it does not make for beautiful poetry, it makes for truth.

RJ said...

You connect the dots carefully and with beauty. Thank you.

Malvie said...

Elegant way to discuss a nasty subject.

Kudos, Milton. Well done.

--Nick Jones