Monday, September 21, 2009

a pollenmic(?)

so I ask myself this question
it’s a question I often repeat
where do allergies go
when it’s after the show
and they want to find something to eat?
Paul Simon, “Allergies”

There once was a man who grew weary
Of the pollen that made his life dreary:
"I’ve tried Netis and steam
Plus antihistamines
And I’m still mostly stuffy and teary."



mholman said...

"is that a booger in the sugar,
No, it'snot" --- Gregg Russell (the guy that sings under the big tree at Harbour Town in Hilton Head)... sorry, it's the only response I could think of!

zorra said...

Tried snorting saline?
With a medicine dropper, not a neti pot.
It's the only way the Scientist can breathe this time of year, especially at night.

I hope whatever is blooming that is tormenting you, finishes its season soon!