Saturday, November 07, 2009

best lights

It’s not so much the words
as the way they sometimes
line up, the way they are
placed on the page --
single syllables can speak,
tear open false healings,
deep calling to deep
with faith and familiarity
both brand new and ages old.
I saw these four words:
our own best lights
at the tail end of a sentence
about being true

and I wondered where
my best lights had gone,
why I become too easily
accustomed to beams
buried under bushel baskets
of daily living, how I can
forget what brightness is,
how easily dim becomes
the definition of normal.
Yet, found by four small
words, I remember the light
shines in the darkness and
the darkness cannot put it out.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Milt. Just lovely, and perfect for this Sunday morning. :-)

Joy said...

How wonderful is this ... I know I need this reminder too. I wonder how my wake up beam will arrive.