Sunday, November 22, 2009

thank you

cynicism comes with coffee
as artificial as sweetener
we’ve grown accustomed
to the bitter aftertaste
negative is normal
critiques and criticisms
pass for conversation in
a culture short on courage
and long on loud

gratitude is hard work
to choose to be thankful
requires the tenacity
of a heart broken open
and willing to sit silently
on a starlight night or in
the shadow of a bee’s wing
the opposite of fear
is thank you -- thank you



pad thai said...

Thank you, Milton. I have started practising thankfulness daily, and when you're heart is breaking, it is really a hard discipline! May I share this with friends on facebook? -Ali

don't eat alone said...

Certainly, Ali. Thanks.


SingingOwl said...

Hopped over from Abby of the Arts to tell you I LOVED this poem. Thank you for sharing it.