Tuesday, July 31, 2007

empty chair

Christine posted this wonderful picture a couple of days ago with an invitation to respond. Here's where the picture took me.

empty chair

what is
the difference
open space
and emptiness?
and opportunity?
and belief?

in one of
my favorite stories,
Ian had a chair
in the shape
of a hand
an open hand
a tender hand
God’s hand
to hold him

I drive by
furniture stores
yard sales
hoping to see
any chair
that might
offer me
the same invitation

P. S. -- There's a new recipe.


Abbey of the Arts said...

Great poem Milton, thanks for participating! I especially love the opening questions you offer. Also have meant to thank you for posting the butter recipe not too long ago, I have wanted to try that for some time.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Milton, you rock.

Diane said...


Pauline said...

love the flow the lack of punctuation gives this

i'll keep an eye out for that chair

Rob Kistner said...

Very cool Milton... ;)

tumblewords said...

I like the way the poem continues without pause as if seeking a seat!

Seth said...


I love how you are sharing your poetry more and more these days. Your writing is such a joy to read.

Marie said...

I often ponder similiar questions. What is the difference? Maybe taking a seat will offer us the answers...Yes, you rock!