Wednesday, July 11, 2007

free fall

in the moment between
the orchestra tuning and
the curtain going up
lies a space big enough
to hold our expectations

in the last moment before
the wheels touchdown
and grab the runway
as we catch our breath
and let go of our fear

in that one moment before
beginning -- when we know
what’s coming but not here
yet – that one moment
full of waiting room before

we climb up on a time
and the moment is gone
along with our memory of it
until the next time the air stills
and we free fall in possibility


GreenishLady said...

You've caught it perfectly - that moment when the "air stills..."

Best of luck in the new job.

Hedwyg said...

Oh wonderful - especially the "free fall" feeling. Congratulations on your new job, Milton. I'm confident you'll do great.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

I could really identify with this one - that leap of faith; believing there will be no regret.

paris parfait said...

This is fabulous - the anticipation before a big moment and the "free fall in possibility." Well done, you!

Brian said...

Very nice... I like how I can interpret this line in two ways.

"we climb up on a time"

gautami tripathy said...

..And yet we keep on searching for that moment.

I interpreted it this way...

tumblewords said...

You captured it, exactly.

Towanda said...

Oh yes, I know that describe it so well...

Marie said...

A perfect description of that anticipation before you try anything for the first time or do something new. My two favorites are: "as we catch our breath
and let go of our fear" and "free fall in possibility."
Well done!

...deb said...

Some amazing lines in a compelling work.

Bon voyage!

anni said...

the tempo in this is fabulous...i loved the sense of building up to the climax. awesome piece!

Rob Kistner said...

Excellent! I enjoyed this piece… ;)