Thursday, July 05, 2007


we walked the beach in the dark.
I feel like I’ve walked all day in light
that’s been retreating like the end
of a silent movie, shrinking to a pin spot
and then disappearing into the certain
defeat of the black screen.

Sometimes I imagine a hand reaching out
of the shrinking circle, halting the darkness.
Then a second hand, and a third break away
the sides of the circle, as though it were
a thin facade and the light floods in
like a rain-swollen river.

Most of the time, however there are no
such hands; the light disappears and
the darkness remains. I’m left standing
as we were tonight, under a moonless sky,
with only your hand to hold,the consequence
of the love you’ve chosen to give.

Just before we turned for home you said,
“Say some love words -- you’re the writer.”
I had no words. All I could do was pull you close
and hold you, the dark hanging heavy
as humidity and the shallow waves of low tide
keeping rhythm with the night,

marking time till daybreak.



Towanda said...

Oh yeah. Sometimes there are no words. Just the pulling closer.

Rich said...

Without saying so, you make us slow down and take a look. And with each poem, our lives are richer. Thank you for the blessing that you are to us.

Kelly said...

What Rich said...

beth said...

Again and again, the love we all want...

Thanks for inspiring the romantic in all of us...

David said...