Thursday, July 29, 2010

what to do

while he is disappearing
we find ourselves
under the same roof
unpacking boxes
we have changed
the trajectory
of all our lives

while he is sitting
we push ourselves
to make him safe
and comfortable
without knowing
what he sees
or what he thinks
behind the blankness

while he is here
we will eat together
take turns staying
home with him
hear the same jokes
and wonder what to do
or so it seems
on this, the second day


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

traveling music

This post finds me in Birmingham packing up my in-laws to come and live with us in Durham. Though I am quite experienced at losing cities, Ginger and her folks have deep roots here in Birmingham, so this week will be as full of grief as it is possibilities.

Last week, I was camp pastor for Wilshire Baptist's Youth Camp and had an amazing week full of all the joy and wonder that comes with getting to go to camp. I took a couple of new songs away with me from the week, thanks to Darren Dement, the youth minister, and Mumford and Sons, the band who sang the tunes. The first one, "Awake My Soul," was one we sang together in worship; the second, "Roll Away Your Stone," was one Darren played for me. I offer some of my favorite lyrical highlights under each video.

in these bodies we will live
in these bodies we will die
where you invest your love
you invest your life

it seems that all my bridges have been burned
but you say, 'that's exactly how this grace thing works’
it's not the long walk home that will change this heart
but the welcome I receive with every start

Thanks to all of you who continue to be carriers of grace.


Monday, July 12, 2010

listening skies

I heard someone
use those two words
just last week –
I can’t remember who –
but they came back
this morning as

I stepped out
of my little hilltop
cabin at camp
under a cloudy
canopy of attention

I had yet to speak
yet the conversation
had already begun
in the languages
of leaves and larks
and grasshoppers

the gentle gallop
of the Great Dane's
giant greeting
the skies listening
but not for me
I did best to listen, too
and wait my turn

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a quick note from the week

It seems this blog has become unintentionally sporadic. I have things I want to say that I have not had time to put on paper; I also have thoughts and feelings I need to sort out a bit before they are loosed on the world. In the greater scope of things, the challenges of these days for our family are not unusual or unique. We are stuck in the middle of life with everyone else. That said, I thought I would share one of the songs getting me through these days: Bill Mallonee's "Bank."