Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Our burning bush
is just starting
to singe around
the edges.
Before long
without smoke
or fire, the leaves
will blaze brilliantly
without burning up
and fall to the earth.

We talk about
colors, yet name
this season
for the letting go,
the breeze-ride
down from life
into death.

How can it be
so energizing
to see what was
once verdant
and vibrant
flame and die?

I try to listen.
I want to hear
what the leaves
are saying
as they burn
and fall.

All I can do
is go barefoot.


This poem was written in response to prompts at Abbey of the Arts and Writers' Island.


Mary Timme said...

So why are we invigorated. Because we celebrate, I think, what has been done. This is a wonderful poem in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

"How can it be
so energizing
to see what was
once verdant
and vibrant
flame and die?"

Out of debris, new life is born...

Karina said...

"the breeze-ride
down from life
into death"

Wow, I love those lines. I must have reread them at least three times.

Tumblewords: said...

Like Karina, I re-read this several times. Very nice!

paris parfait said...

Oh I really like this poem - I'd never given much thought to the "fall" of fall. Well done, you!

Sr. Heather said...

Oh, how wonderful, Milton! I've always loved the autumn, and did find it ironic that I am energized by the endings that are happening around me. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful and so timely. I love the cadence of this piece. The lines flit and float towards an end like the leaves you speak of. Beautifully executed. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fall is my season - your poem captures well what is hard to put into words.

My favorite lines are the last ones:

"All I can do
is go barefoot."

Anonymous said...

my favorite lines are the ones gautami and karina shared. the breeze-ride and that perfect question. thanks so much for participating Milton.

David said...

Very nice. I hope you plan to publish your work someday.