Wednesday, March 09, 2011

word play

This poem is in response to Random Acts of Poetry over at The High Calling.

word play
I love the way
words yearn
for one another:
the way they
join hands
like children
on the playground,
the way they
laugh at each other
climb up the slide
and then crash
into the leaves;
the way they
spoon together
like lovers
in the night,
holding tight
in desperation,
in hope, in love
waking sometimes
just enough
to pull closer
and then sleep
until morning.


Carolyn Lackey said...

Milton, I love "word play!" I, too, love words. Thank you so much for this image of them that will dance in my head for days to come.

Glynn said...

It's like words "spooning snd cocooning." Great poem.

L.L. Barkat said...

Fun one. Words inspire. :)

Marcus Goodyear said...

Words as lovers. That's an idea worth a poem!

Thanks especially for encouraging me about this project via Facebook. Sometimes it can feel like a tangent to what we are doing at THC, but you gave me good reason to make another case for the importance of poetry as it relates to work.

Emily Murphy said...

How creative! It had me believe more so the way words draw more words to surface and to then make more meaning as the play together, love each other, know each other... to be what they are to be... meaningful,true and spoken. Thank you!