Thursday, September 23, 2010

here's to you my little loves . . .

It was the Late Eighties.

Those were the days when CDs were new and my collection was highlighted by bands like The Alarm, U2, Big Country -- to name just a few -- and The Call. The guitars ripped, the drums pounded, and the keyboards did that thing keyboards did in the Eighties. Those bands were having fun and trying to say something, too.

Michael Been was the lead singer for The Call. Off and on over the years I have heard mention of him, but the band didn't take off like some of their contemporaries, so he was hard to find. But he was always a thoughtful songwriter, full of faith and doubt, asking good questions to music and willing to sing with all his heart.

I went looking for him tonight only to discover that he died a little over a month ago of a massive heart attack while on tour with his son's band. He was sixty years old.

In his memory, I offer a few songs. First, "Let the Walls Come Down."

The second, Everywhere I Go."

And my personal favorite, "Let the Day Begin."

here'w to the babies in a brand new world
here's to the beauty of the stars
here's to the travelers on the open road
her's to the dreamers in the bars
here's to the teachers in the crowded rooms
here's to the workers in the field
here's to the preachers of the sacred word
here's to the drivers at the wheel
here's to you my little loves
with blessings from above
let the day begin
Thanks, Michael.



Deidra said...

"...full of faith and doubt." Sometimes I think that makes a good combination.

don't eat alone said...

Me, too

Kim said...

Oh, I loved The Call! How sad.
I saw them at the Cotati Cabaret back in the '80's, just down the street from where I lived.

John B said...

He played at the Downstairs Cafe when I was at Wilshire, you would have loved him! He liked Guinness!