Saturday, December 11, 2010

advent journal: log work

I spent the afternoon at a Mushroom Workshop with my friends from Bountiful Backyards and I came home with a couple of shiitake logs and a few words.

log work 
we took oak logs
and drilled small holes
filled them up with
mushroom spores and
sealed them shut with
beeswax so we
could take them home
and wait to eat
flavorful fungi
in a season
some months away

dinner tonight
will be someone
else’s harvest
the waiting is
an essential
nothing that grows
comes fully formed
what’s true of ‘shrooms
goes for mangers too


Glynn said...

Milton - I've been thoroughly enjoying your Advent posts -- and really like this poem.

Deidra said...

This is wonderful. I don't know much about mushrooms in wood, but I do love that last bit about the manger.