Tuesday, December 07, 2010

advent journal: surprise

caught by surprise
we say -- like a fly ball
or a base runner --
caught, perhaps
like a falling heirloom –
in the nick of time

but not tonight –
I was . . .

taken by surprise
like a hostage or
a dog from the shelter --
out of my routine
and off to the theater
by the dancer I know best

then we walked
under the lighted trees
as we always do --
to find the familiar
is so flush with wonder
is no surprise at all



Anonymous said...

Your similes are divine in this poem. I loved your comparison of the elements of surprise being like, first, the heart-stopping moment of nearly breaking something so priceless and then like being kidnapped from routine.

First time I've come to your blog Milton. Won't be the last.


Blue Eyed Ennis said...

Fabulous poem - so well crafted and very moving too !!